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happy christmas christian!!!!! thank u for existing this whole year and all of the other years too!!!! you make things better. i love you

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ps the video quality’s even worse but here’s jaime being really cutein the middle of stained glass eyes and i’m gonna

hi yeah the quality is shit but this was the opening of a match into water at the second london show


9.02: Devil May Care

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I don’t like to be negative but I guess this blog is for how I’m feeling, so oh well. I feel very unimportant today. I feel as though everyone will forget me and that is my worst fear

hey. it’s ok

please try and remember that this thought is just in your head. it’s not true at all. you have done incredibly good things and saved lives. that’s very very important and i hope that i will be able to do things like what you do someday ! you are a hero christian novelli and heroes are never unimportant even if they feel that way

you as a person are so incredibly important and worthwhile please try and remember this! even if it is difficult to think this way it is true. 100% ok.

it’s going to be ok